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So what can be done? Start by keeping a nature journal. Plant native wildflowers. Look up at the stars. Look down at the grass, the cracks in the pavement. Listen to the wind, the birds in every corner, try to hear even the small, the far away creatures. Engage others in conversation. Make solidarity and keep it supple. Break up your routine by doing something unexpected. Jump up and down, imitate the waves, cry and wail for all the grief in the world and then in the moments of numb, calm after the outpouring, sit and breathe and gather the forces you have churned. Those forces are a motor that will fuel your action. Cultivate love and know yourself. Never think that you are the only one who feels so strongly or else you may become a zealot. Check yourself constantly to ensure that your passion is not doing harm. 

Take to the streets with banners and peaceful protest. Be generous and humble.

You can also learn from and support these organizations who are doing good.

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