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Arbitrary delineations

may divide humanity’s nations

but the earth will not be confined.

This planet will spin and shift

as she pleases.

Populations will ebb and flow

self-righteous, ungrateful, and diseased,

yet the earth, tortured and held captive

will force us to let go.

She will ultimately flick us off like we do ticks.

She has already begun

in cooperation with the sun

to demonstrate with great conviction.

This is the Anthropocene, the sixth major extinction.

For earth there is no distinction between pests

and we are the target

of our own progress, development and nuclear tests.

Some grieve for melted glaciers,

pine for deforested land,

plead to stop the tide of plastic

lay down against oil sands,

Some recognize the magnitude

of nature’s beauty, force, and wonder.

Volcanoes, birth, the spring, salt-sea,

metamorphosis, the crack of thunder.

All this care

matters as much

as a petal

falling through air.

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