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In the practice of proprioception

I am like a bat using echo

to determine location.

Sixth sense antenna

to ensure that I bounce lovingly

around the anathema

of divisive society.

Looking for signals.

Calibrating empathy gauges.

Moving in response

and dependent on cues

from the pages

of nuance.

So what happens if the space is intentionally left blank?

How to reflect with no looking glass?

I turn the flashlight inward

away from echo chambers

and the dim-lit caverns of white stalagtytes

and tune in

to internal sounds…

The crash of centuries of persecution

slamming against a concentration camp cage

collisions at the crossroads of countless marches

grief at every stage

and the stench of women burning

to demonstrate what’s at stake.

Life and liberty, justice and a basic wage

are the cause of violent clashes

to express a long oppressed rage.

Then, like a horse trained for gamblers

released from the gate,

a slew of programmed responses arise

and spit out like paper from a printing plate:

Spit spit spit, sift sift sift, spit spit spit, sift sift sift,

leaving a shit pile to arbitrate

and so I gather new supplies.


When seeking tools

with which to tackle

this moment

I realize a cruel lack of equipment.

After a spell

and some cognitive play

the tension gives way

releasing into research.

Here is what I found today:

Six instructions

of what to do

in an avalanche:

  1. Move to the side

  2. Grab something sturdy

  3. Swim

  4. Hold one arm up

  5. Create room to breathe

  6. Stay calm

This is a balm

for any onslaught

and so I shift

to a softer plot

and raise my fist

from an empty spot.

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